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Main Goal

The goal of any investment is to get the best possible return!

However, there are many investors who, despite having a good property, are unable to extract the maximum amount of profit from it.

If you have a property (or several) and you feel that it could be better managed, call us today. We can help.


Here some reasons that may be hurting your return on the investment:

 1- Too many expenses in unnecessary repairs

 2- High turnover of tenants

 3- Tenants not paying on time

 4- Unit rented at less than market value

 5- Unit empty for too long

 6- Paying commissions at each rental renewal

 7- Paying accountant fees that are too high

 8- Paying renewal expenses of your corporation or LLC

 9- Having legal problems

 10- Accepting the wrong tenants


Why use our services

  • If you have one or several investment properties and do not live in the United States or in South Florida, the most important thing is to have a manager you can fully trust. Feeling that your investment is poorly managed, having very high and unnecessary expenses or tolerating irresponsible tenants, is a desperate feeling.
  • Our clients are constantly informed of what is happening with their investment. Each important step is consulted until receiving approval from the client. If there is a repair to be carried out, a budget is sent to you and if you agree, the work is carried out. If you do not agree, more options are sought until a contractor is found to do the work for the best possible price and quality.
  • Our fees are clear and simple from day one. There are no hidden costs or expenses in our services.
  • Other companies charge commissions of 10% of the rent EVERY YEAR even if the tenant does not change! This is above the Administration fee (Property Management) which is usually 10% of the rental value.

Other companies
Our clearest objective is that every investment unit SHOULD be occupied as long as possible to generate income 365 days a year.
Each arrangement or each necessary improvement is previously consulted with the investor.
Our investors are our most important priority, but the tenants of the units are the second. A happy tenant in a property stays for many years and also takes care of it. This makes the investment much more profitable in all aspects.
Your investment is as important to us as it is to you. That is why we are keeping a record of the conditions of how it is maintained by the tenants in order to avoid and prevent serious and costly problems in the future. At each renewal a thorough inspection of the property is made.
As indicated in the rental agreement signed with the tenant, BLUE ONE Realty holds the tenant responsible for all the repairs that correspond to him, either for the value of the repair (all repairs of less than $150 are the responsibility of the tenant) or for misuse of the property.
Unit empty for too long.
Unexpected and unnecessary expenses.
Too much turnover of tenants which represents a high cost for the investment since they must pay commissions and do avoidable remodeling.
Lack of attention and regular inspections of the property and tenants lead to possible problems and even costly legal disputes.
Make the owner of the investment responsible for all expenses and arrangements.

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We offer each of our clients the kind of personalized, professional service we would expect to receive if we were buying or selling our own home.