Coconut Grove

The peaceful and magnetism of the ocean view is still a non-stop source of inspiration for artists of all kinds and also for Real Estate investors.

Welcome To Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove is internationally known as a rich city. Many writers, scientists, artists, and intellectuals were the first ones to live in this amazing city. The city was named by Horace P. Porter when he founded the first post office in 1873. Some years later, in 1880, the Peacock Inn Hotel was founded and attracted a vast number of bohemians and writers who quickly made Coconut Grove their home forever. Pretty soon after that, the land boom expansion started and many Northern people made Real Estate investments. Beautiful homes were built for vacations or weekend breaks. The peaceful and magnetism of the ocean view is still a non-stop source of inspiration for artists of all kinds and also for Real Estate investors. Whether you are buying a home or selling a property Coconut Grove is the best Real Estate investment ever.

Historic Places

This great and inspiring Coconut Grove community has a lot of historic places to visit. They all have a cultural aspect and history to learn about. Among many of them, you can find The Barnacle; home that was built in 1891 by pioneer Ralph Munroe, the Plymouth Congregational Church; a 300-year-old building; which was the first Black church in South Florida, The Kampong; home of botanist Dr. David Fairchild; with more than 10-acre garden containing rare and sophisticated plants, and finally across from Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is The Miami Museum of Science and Planetarium featuring interactive displays and exhibitions of all kind of birds and reptiles.

Culture and Arts

Coconut Grove has demonstrated its passion for culture and artistic expressions. Many years ago four artists founded “One Ear Society” (  honoring Van Gogh ) as a way of representing all local artists. This society counts today with more than 60 members who work hard for artists in their different ways of artistic expression. The Coconut Grove Arts Festival is a must whether you are a resident or a first-time visitor. Marvelous theatre experiences are also found at the famous Cocoanut Grove Playhouse which is celebrating its 75th year playing.

The Splendour of the Bay

The splendor of the bay offers fun to all ages. The main excitement is water sports where children and adults can have an unforgettable and great time. There are lots of marinas and two yacht clubs where international competitions and regattas are performed yearly. The immaculate waters of Biscayne Bay are the chosen place for people to be on sailboats, kayaks, yachts, or jet-ski.

Walking Around and Shopping

There are many parks in Coconut Grove where you can enjoy biking, walking, or jogging. If you have dogs don’t worry about it because pets also can enjoy their parks. It is said that in Coconut Grove many visitors fall in love with this rich city while shopping. The city counts with a vast number of unique shops, luxurious boutiques, and a well-known variety of specialties in jewelry. The streets of Mayfair and Coco Walk can give you the best shopping experience you ever had before.
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